Introducing Renewable Energy for DIY projects

If your electricity needs are small, and you enjoy the challenge of building something yourself, building your own renewable energy system can be immensely rewarding. Whether you want to build all the components from scratch, or whether you prefer to buy in the individual components and assemble them yourself, a small stand-alone system can be put together to produce a modest amount of power capable of powering a small shed, or providing electricity for a camping expedition, for example.

However, it is important to know your limits, to understand the technology, know the risks and ensure you know what you are doing. Introducing Renewable Energy provides you with that information. It will show you how to assess the suitability of your site for implementing solar PV, wind power or hydro-electric power, it will provide you with the calculations so you can identify how much power you could potentially produce and it will discuss the individual components that make up a renewable energy system and explain how they are put together.

The book also includes two chapters showing specific installations: installing solar PV onto a roof of a caravan or RV, and installing a small wind turbine in an open field.

Whilst the book does not provide plans or designs for creating your own wind turbine, solar panel or hydro-electric turbine from scratch, the book includes a chapter providing guidance on how to evaluate designs that you can find on the internet. Specification sheets for turbines and solar panels are shown and their contents described, so that you can read the sales brochures and understand exactly what you are getting and know the questions to ask. Safety issues and risks are also discussed, to help you build a system that not only works, but remains safe at all times.

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