Introducing Renewable Energy for home owners

Renewable energy offers home owners the opportunity to make a difference to their community: reducing their own carbon footprint and providing surplus zero-carbon energy back to the energy companies to be used by other homes nearby. It also offers the home owner the chance to earn money from their investment, reducing existing energy bills and typically providing a payback of between eight and twelve years.

Introducing Renewable Energy will explain exactly what is involved in installing a renewable energy system. It will give you a good understanding of the basics of renewable energy, so that you can evaluate your options, assess the suitability of your home for Renewable Energy production, and you'll know enough about the technology not to be mislead by sales people who are more interested in their sales commission rather than providing you with the right advice.

Introducing Renewable Energy includes a whole chapter on making money from renewable energy, explaining how various tariffs, subsidies and grants work and where you can find them. Information is provided on specific schemes in the United Kingdom and the United States as well as general information that applies to many places around the world.

The book also describes how you may be able to get a renewable energy system installed without paying for the hardware or installation. Instead, you provide the location - such as a roof-top for solar, and share the rewards with a company who pays for the hardware and installation.

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