Introducing Renewable Energy for Students

Introducing Renewable Energy has been written as an introduction into the huge subject of renewable energy sources for electricity production. Renewable energy is a huge subject to cover and there is no single book, this one included, that can cover every aspect of renewable energy. Instead, I have written this book to give you a grounding in the basics of renewable energy. Once you've read this book, you should have a good understanding about the basics of electricity production using renewable energy sources. You'll then be able to tackle more specialised books with confidence, without worrying that you don't have sufficient grasp of the fundamentals.

There is a huge amount of knowledge that goes into renewable energy systems. Whilst studying for my renewable energy engineering degree almost a decade ago, I read about sixty books, some over a thousand pages long. It took me three years to learn the basics… then I went out into the real world and really started to learn.

If your course only requires a fairly high level understanding of renewable energy, such as architecture or design, for example, this book has been written to give you enough information to have sufficient understanding of the subject. If you need to revisit renewable energy in the future, you'll already have a grasp of the basics, so that you can talk to the experts and understand what they are talking about.

My publishers, Greenstream Publishing, have been working closely with me to ensure this book is suitable for the education market. It's been copy-edited by a qualified former English teacher and proof-read by a professional technical editor who was formerly a University Lecturer. In many ways, the experience has been similar to going back to school myself, except I didn't get the results written in red pen with the comments "see me" at the bottom of the page!

Whilst I am British, I have travelled and worked all around the world, including in the United States of America, Canada, India, Italy, France and currently in Sweden. Consequently, I have ensured that the information in this book is relevant, wherever you live. All measurements are shown in both metric and imperial measurements, and where there is country-specific information, whether it is for the United Kingdom, the United States or elsewhere, this is clearly marked as such.

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