Renewable Energy Calculators

  • Solar PV Tools

    Solar PV tools to identify how much solar energy you can get each month at your location, find the optimal angles to mount your solar PV panels and identify the impact of ground temperature on your solar energy performance.

  • Wind Turbine Performance

    Provide us with some basic data about the wind turbine you are considering and the location you plan to put it, our performance calculator will show you estimated performance, broken down on a month-by-month basis.


At present, our renewable energy calculators are at beta test stage. Consequently, they are available for everybody to use, entirely free of charge. At the end of the beta test, you will be able to access the calculators free of charge on three occasions. After this, you will need to register in order to gain access to the calculators.

Registration will cost £49 per year in the United Kingdom, $69 in North America, or an equivalent amount across the rest of the world. Alternatively, private users who have purchased a copy of Introducing Renewable Energy can access the calculators entirely free of charge by entering the software license key that is included in the book.